All employees, volunteers and other Winrock workers are invited (but not required) to share their expertise and passion for their Winrock work on personal social media. If you choose to share highlights from your work on your personal social media, best practices are available in the Storytelling Toolkit.

If you participate in internet discussion groups, chat rooms, bulletin boards, listservs, blogs, social media platforms or other electronic communications, even under an alias, do not give the impression that you are speaking on behalf of Winrock.  

Be aware of any security or competitive risks associated with use of social media.  If in doubt, do not share your location or any information that could be used to determine your location.  If you are traveling for business development, avoid disclosing information that might alert competitors of new business efforts.

If you believe a false statement about Winrock has been posted, do not post or share non-public information, even if your intent is to “set the record straight.” Your posting might be misinterpreted, start false rumors, or be inaccurate or misleading. Contact the Senior Director of Communications, your Project Lead for Communications, Chief of Party, or


You are personally responsible for your social media activity conducted with a Winrock email address or on Winrock’s website or pages, and/or which can be traced back to Winrock’s domain, and/or which uses Winrock’s information systems, and/or which expressly or implicitly identifies you as an employee of Winrock.

Keep It Civil

You are prohibited from using social media to post or display comments about Winrock, its work and its workforce that are:

This Code of Conduct, including the Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy, apply to employee behavior within social media and in public online spaces.  Do not post any information or conduct any online activity that may violate applicable local, state or federal laws or regulations.  Any conduct which under the law is impermissible if expressed in any other form or forum is impermissible if expressed through social media.

No Political Statements as Winrock

If from your post in a blog or elsewhere in social media it is clear you are an employee of Winrock, or if you mention Winrock, or it is reasonably clear you are referring to Winrock or a position taken by Winrock, and you express a political opinion or an opinion regarding the organization’s positions or actions, the post must specifically note that the opinion expressed is your personal opinion and not Winrock’s position.  This is necessary to preserve Winrock’s goodwill in the marketplace, as well as to preserve Winrock’s public charity status. Use a disclaimer such as “Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.”

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