You are encouraged to provide your name when raising a concern. This allows those who respond to your concern to contact you if additional information is needed to look into your concern thoroughly. Providing your name also helps us ensure that you do not experience retaliation for making a good faith report. (There may be unique circumstances when disclosing your identity is required by law or is necessary to fully investigate and address your concerns.)

If you choose to identify yourself when making a report, filing online, or accessing the Hotline, Winrock will endeavor to keep your information confidential, sharing it only on a need-to-know basis among those directly handling or overseeing the issues you reported. 

If you make a report anonymously using the Hotline, it is important to provide detailed information. EthicsPoint will assign you a case number and you should regularly check the site to respond to information requests from those handling the issue(s) you reported. Cases that lack enough information to pursue may be closed.

Although anonymous reports are allowed, employees may not raise issues, file online, or use the Hotline in bad faith (e.g., to file fabricated complaints for dishonest or hidden reasons). Reports made in bad faith undermine the integrity of filing online or using the Hotline and are subject to disciplinary action.

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