Accommodation Policy
Anonymity and Confidentiality
Anti-Corruption Policy
Anti-Retaliation Policy
Ask a Question or Report a Concern
Channels for Asking Questions or Raising Concerns
Child (Youth) Safeguarding Policy
Code of Conduct Acknowledgment Form
Combating Sexual Harassment
Combating Trafficking in Persons and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)
Commitment to Colleagues and Organization
Commitment to Donors and Partners
Commitment to Stakeholders
Communicating on Behalf of Winrock
Conflict of Interest Policy
Data Classification Policy
Discrimination-Free Workplace
Diversity and Inclusion
Drug-Free Workplace
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action
Exceptions to this Code
Financial Integrity
Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy
Gifts and Business Courtesies Policy
Global Safety and Security
Harassment-Free Workplace (See also Winrock Policy: Combating Sexual Harassment)
Hiring Members of the Same Family
How to Spot an Ethical Dilemma
How to Spot an Issue
Individual Responsibilities
Intellectual Property – Ownership and Protection
Manager Responsibilities
Our Shared Responsibilities
Political Activities and Participation in Candidate Elections
Privacy and Personal Data Protection
Records Management Policy
Responsiveness and Employee Cooperation
Use and Protection of Winrock Property and Systems
Use of Social Media
Use of the Winrock Name and Logo
Winrock Hotline
Winrock Code of Conduct Ambassadors
Winrock Leadership
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
Your Duty to Speak Up

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