In compliance with the U.S. Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, Winrock has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe, quality-oriented and productive work environment, wherever we work globally. Alcohol and drug abuse pose a threat to the health and safety of Winrock employees and to the security of Winrock’s equipment and facilities. For these reasons, Winrock is committed to the elimination of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace.

Employees should report to work fit for duty and free of any adverse effects of illegal drugs or alcohol. This policy does not prohibit employees from the lawful use and possession of prescribed medications. Employees must, however, consult with their doctors about the medications’ effect on their fitness for duty and ability to work safely, and they must promptly disclose any work restrictions to their manager.

Key Work Rules:

  1. Whenever an employee is present on Winrock premises or is conducting Winrock-related work offsite, they are prohibited from:
    1. Using, possessing, buying, selling, manufacturing or dispensing an illegal drug (to include possession of drug paraphernalia)
    2. Being under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug as defined in this policy
    3. Consuming alcohol, unless as part of a Winrock-approved event; any alcohol consumed at such an event must be consumed responsibly
  2. Whenever any employee is operating any Winrock and/or project vehicle, they are prohibited from:
    1. Using, possessing, buying, selling, manufacturing or dispensing an illegal drug (to include possession of drug paraphernalia)
    2. Being under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug as defined in this policy
    3. Consuming alcohol
  3. The presence of a detectable amount of any illegal drug or illegal controlled substance in an employee’s body while performing Winrock business or while in a Winrock facility is prohibited.
  4. Winrock will not allow employees to perform their duties while taking prescribed drugs that are adversely affecting their ability to safely and effectively perform their job duties. Employees taking a prescribed medication must carry it in a container labeled by a licensed pharmacist or be prepared to produce the container if asked.
  5. Any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will be turned over to an appropriate law enforcement agency and may result in criminal prosecution.

Employee Assistance

Winrock will assist and support employees who voluntarily seek help for drug or alcohol problems before becoming subject to discipline or termination under this or other Winrock policies. Such employees will be allowed to use accrued paid time off, placed on leaves of absence, referred to treatment providers and otherwise accommodated as required by law.

Employees may be required to document that they are successfully following prescribed treatment and to take and pass follow-up tests if they hold jobs that are safety-sensitive or require driving, or if they have violated this policy previously.


Winrock reserves the right to inspect all portions of its premises for drugs, alcohol or other contraband. All employees may be asked to cooperate in inspections of their persons, work areas and property that might conceal a drug, alcohol or other contraband. Employees who possess such contraband or refuse to cooperate in such inspections are subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including discharge.

Crimes Involving Drugs

Winrock prohibits all employees from manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing or using an illegal drug in or on Winrock premises or while conducting Winrock business. Winrock employees are also prohibited from misusing legally prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Law enforcement personnel may be notified, as appropriate, when criminal activity is suspected.

Winrock does not intend to intrude into the private lives of its employees but recognizes that employees’ off-the-job involvement with drugs and alcohol may have an impact on the workplace. Therefore, Winrock reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action for drug use, sale or distribution while off Winrock premises.

All employees who are convicted of, plead guilty to or are sentenced for a crime involving an illegal drug are required to report the conviction, plea or sentence to the HR Lead or HR Manager within five calendar days of the conviction/plea. Failure to report may result in automatic discharge.

Key Definitions

Winrock premises includes all buildings, offices, facilities, grounds, parking lots, lockers, places and vehicles owned, leased or managed by Winrock or any site on which the company is conducting business.

Illegal drug means a substance whose use or possession is controlled by U.S. federal or other law but that is not being used or possessed under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. (U.S. controlled substances are listed in Schedules I-V of 21 C.F.R. Part 1308.)

Under the influence of alcohol means actions, appearance, speech or bodily odors that reasonably cause a supervisor to conclude that an employee is impaired because of alcohol use.

Under the influence of drugs means a confirmed positive test result for illegal drug use per this policy. In addition, it means the misuse of legal drugs (prescription and possibly OTC) when there is not a valid prescription from a physician for the lawful use of a drug during medical treatment (containers must include the patient’s name, the name of the substance, quantity/amount to be taken and the period of authorization).

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