Winrock selects and does business with suppliers and other parties on the basis of objective performance and business criteria. We maintain the highest ethical standards and avoid any perception of corruption.

Receiving gifts or other business courtesies

Staff must not accept any gifts, favors, hospitality, or entertainment that might influence or give the appearance of influencing their decision making or compromise their judgment in actions affecting Winrock. Receipt of a gift of cash is never appropriate.

Employees who award contracts or who can influence the allocation of business, who create specifications that result in the placement of business, or who participate in negotiation of contracts are particularly in positions that risk creating negative perceptions and must always avoid actions that create the appearance of favoritism or that may adversely affect Winrock’s reputation for impartiality and fair dealing. A gift from a supplier must be declined when Winrock is involved in choosing or reconfirming a supplier or under circumstances that would create an impression that offering gifts or courtesies is the way to obtain Winrock business.

Although no employee may use their position at Winrock to obtain gifts or business courtesies (such as meals), or ask for them, we may accept unsolicited gifts or business courtesies that promote successful working relationships, is in accordance with local culture, and maintain good will with suppliers and partners with whom Winrock maintains or may establish a business relationship. Employees may accept gifts or business courtesies when it is appropriate to establish or maintain a business relationship, provided the value does not exceed a locally nominal value or customary standard and is not in excess of a $20USD value ($50USD total per year).

Gifts ideally should be able to be shared with your team and not kept by employees individually as that could create the appearance of impropriety.

Giving gifts

Winrock employees may never give gifts to external partners or business associates for the purpose of influencing or affecting a decision.

Exceptions to these limits may be accepted only with the documented approval of a Senior Director or above or a Chief of Party or equivalent.

For further guidance, see our Gifts and Business Courtesies Guidance.

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