Winrock may employ a member of an employee’s family, household, clan, tribe or community (for this policy, “family”) provided the individual meets the necessary qualifications for employment. 

Employees are required to disclose their family relationship to the Hiring Manager, Recruiter, and Chief of Party or designated representative as soon as the candidate is identified and before any hiring decision is made. In consultation with the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, a determination will be made as to whether a conflict of interest exists and if possible, requires mitigation actions.

The failure to disclose the relationship may result in the withdrawal of an offer of employment or the termination of employment. 

Winrock prohibits an employee from directly hiring or supervising a family member.  For this policy, a family member is defined as:

The candidate will not be hired if employment would:

If employees become family members or establish a romantic relationship after their employment begins, employees must report any applicable relationship changes immediately to their manager.  Winrock will make reasonable efforts to assign job duties to mitigate any conflict of interest, supervision by one or the other, or influence personnel decisions as noted. 

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