Across our global portfolio, Winrock and its employees design solutions for sustainable impact.

Winrock has legal rights to work products and materials created by employees when acting within the scope of their employment. These may take the form of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or patents.

In the absence of agreement to the contrary, materials developed or conceptualized, written, designed, drawn, painted, photographed, constructed, installed or otherwise produced by employees within the scope of their employment are the sole property of Winrock.

Since an employee’s work will generally be presumed to have been created within the scope of employment, employees and their managers are responsible for having a clear understanding regarding the ownership of work products created outside the normal scope of work.  Any exception or questions regarding ownership of work products must be reviewed and/or approved by the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer before beginning work on such materials.

To protects its interest in data products and software, Winrock may use appropriate patent or copyright registrations and notices, confidentiality agreements, and database security measures. Such notices will be incorporated as needed into software or data products. Employees transmitting them to grantees, contractors, or other outside parties are responsible for obtaining appropriate authorizations, including appropriate contractual protections, and clearly communicating any conditions or limitations on usage.

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