In order to conduct business, Winrock provides its employees with a variety of Winrock-owned business property, including business equipment such as computers (desk tops and laptops), cell or smart phones, office telephones, fax machines, copiers, tools, vehicles, boats, and other types of property. Winrock also provides its employees with access to technology and information systems, such as email, internet, intranet, and telephone systems, which contain Winrock business information.

All Winrock-owned property and systems provided to employees is provided for business purposes and shall be used in a professional and business-like manner at all times. The following are prohibited uses of all types of Winrock-owned property and systems, including email and telephone systems:

Personal use of Winrock-owned property and systems must be limited.

Winrock may access its computer and electronic communications systems and obtain communications and information within the systems, without notice to users of the system, in the ordinary course of business when Winrock deems it appropriate to do so.  Winrock also may inspect or monitor without advance notice any devices employees use to access Winrock’s computer and electronic communications systems, including but not limited to computers, laptops, notebooks, tablet computers or mobile devices.  As a result, and as allowed by law, employees should not expect that use of Winrock’s computer or electronic communications systems entitles them to any expectation of privacy in anything that they access, view, create, store, transmit or receive on or through Winrock’s computer or electronic communications systems, including any personal messages.

Employees shall promptly return all Winrock-owned property at the time of separation from employment with Winrock or as otherwise requested by their supervisors. Technology equipment assets should be sent to IT for proper disposal/wiping. Employees accessing and/or storing Winrock information and using Winrock systems on personally owned devices shall return or delete all requested business-related content (including but not limited to email, software, data, and other proprietary information) upon request of their supervisor.

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