Winrock’s identity is vital for name recognition, visual identification, and for projecting a unified and positive image.  All uses of the name and logo must comply with the Identity System Guidelines, which  provide for the consistent and unified use of Winrock’s name and logo, maintain the Winrock look, ensure correct use of the logo and logotype, and provide customized templates.

The Winrock logo cannot be used on personal social media profiles, blogs or other platforms intended for personal use. Outdated versions of the Winrock logo and/or logotype should be deleted from files and replaced in all materials (including office signs and vehicle labels) with the formats shown in the Identity System Guidelines. Replace old Winrock logos wherever they appear on printed and electronic forms, standard documents and business cards.

For additional assistance, contact the Communications group, which can also provide guidance and support with technical information and associated files for printers and other outside vendors.

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